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Nonhle Thema Merchandise
Frangrance, Hair & Cosmetics. View images from Precious Ivy Launch!
Nonhle has been photographed all over the world as a red carpet public figure.
Press & Media
Nonhle's career has received vast coverage in press and media.
Angel's Programme
Nonhle's Angels reaches out to the Youth of Africa through motivational seminars to schools, charities, group and universities.
Dark and Lovely Global Spokeswoman
Nonhle represented Dark and Lovely as their first African global spokeswoman
Nonhle hosted V-entertainment on Vuzu as the first face of their channel.
O Access Photo Gallery
O Access
Nonhhle was the first host to interview celebrities on Channel O's show O Access.
View photos from events that Nonhle Thema has attended.
Nonhle Goes To Hollywood
Nonhle Goes To Hollywood
Nonhle is the first South African to film her own reality show in Hollywood, USA.